What is the purpose of the game ?

Your team enters a room, The Game, and the door shuts...

Starting this moment, you have 60 minutes. With the help of both your brain and the different elements you will find in your surroundings, look for a way out ! No strenght needed, only your mind and a group of friends or family to have a blast with !

Are there any age restrictions ?

If parents were not to participate in the game, the minimum age would be 15 years old. However, in the event of the presence of parents, children with the age of 12 can participate under the responsability of the accompaniants. Please note that some of the scenarios are not advised for players under 15 years of age due to the game's fear factor. When booking with children, please contact us first.

Are the rooms disability-friendly ?

Sadly, the access to the rooms does not enable the use of wheelchair.

Are there any physical conditions to be able to play the game ?

Generally speaking, everyone is welcome to play at Team-Time even though some exception could apply. As an example, the Zombie Bunker is not recommendend to sensitive players or suffering from Epilepsy (Lights).

Is it possible to modify my booking ?

In order to facilitate our clients' organization, we have set up the 30 euros Rookie Booking (1 player) which enables you to make your team later on.

Nonetheless, as the "Live" game condition of Team-Time, no refund can be accepted. For technical reasons and game management, teams showing up late could face a time penalty to eanble the next team to start on time.

I am clostrophobic, should I consider playing the game ?

The rooms are bigger than an elevator but can still be considered as small. However, there will always be a button at hand if you need to get out quick. Your Game Master will aso be looking after you. We had players suffering from this condition whom and still had a great time ;)

Can we play if we are pregnant?

Both Team-Time scenarios have game elements that may surprise or frighten, so if a jump can trigger contractions, there is no physical test in the room, Tests of strength or endurance.

Is it possible to come to 6 players or more?

For the Zombie Bunker it is exceptionally possible to come to 6 players, although in our opinion the quality of the game suffers. You will have a brain and an extra pair of hands which will allow you to advance faster And potentially finish before a team

Is it possible to customize the room for an event?

Definitely, a personalization is possible, please check the corresponding box when you make your reservation and carefully read the confirmation email that will be sent to you. This option is charged an additional 20 € to be paid on the day of the game on the spot, please send the information at the most 72 hours before your game, after which we will not be able to take into account your request.

Are your themes scary Escape Game?

It obviously depends on the sensitivity of each one, but the two rooms, The Bunker Zombie and Mafia district are themes in an anguishing atmosphere in little reassuring.

Can we come with young children?

We do not recommend our rooms to children, our rooms are oriented for adults and young adults, as much for the atmosphere of the rooms as for the difficulty of the puzzles. We must at least be 12 years old, because the younger ones risk being afraid or not so much fun.

Where can we find the photo of our team ?

We publish all photos on our Facebook page every monday afternoon for all the past week.

How to play

Your Team

Your Team

You make up your own Team, from 2 to 5 players. No physical strengh or stamina needed to participate. However, we would advise players under the age of 12 to carrefully think about it as they might not have the same type of will that you will. The others ? Give it a try. Come face the hourglass and our armoured doors. Will you succeed ?

The Game

A Quest room

Your enter a room, which will be your friend and your worst enemy. It "The Game". There are no rules, no dices, no leader. It's just you and the Room. It majes its own rules and as you progress into the game, you will dive into the athmosphere and feel out of the world. Clock is still ticking though and every second counts. You think you are playing the game but the game played you.

Your goal

Your goal

With the time that you have, you have to search the room, look for pieces of information and clues that will enable you to progress into the game and find a way out. You need to pay close attention, think, rethink and debate to eventually find the answer. If you don't, well who knows what can happen to you. The hourglass is on... You have 60 minutes... Tic Tac Tic Tac Team Time

The Riddles

The Riddles

There are all different : Some require common sense, observation and skills , some on your touch and agility. The last ones are all about magic and technology. You do not need any special skill but you need to be sharp and ready if you want a chance to win ! Pay attention, be curious, smart and listen , who knows what doors are hiding ?

Your emotions

Your emotions

The athmosphere of the room and the exciting challenges will be the essence of your experience. Every step forward, every flash at the riddle will make you shiver ! If you want to have fun, do not cheat ! Do not look for answers before playing and keep the game solutions to yourselves after playing. Your friends will thank you for it :)



Starting the moment the door closes, you will have 60 minutes, not even one more ! If you manage to find out all the riddles, then the door will lead you to freedom and victory.... Though if you don't, we cannot know what can possibly happen to you... In the meantime, throughout the game, our video surveillance system will enable us to guide you and follow your progress.

The Perfect Player

To seek success, you will only need your brain, your hands and the elements you may find in your surroundings. This is the reason why:

Exclusively for Humans

Exclusively for Humans

No super power needed, no unreal strenght, Not breaking anything means not hurting anyone.

Well kept secret

Well kept secret

The Escape Game is a riddle game, it makes no sense looking for solutions before entering the game or tellin your friends about it :)

Fit body and mind

Fit body & mind

Any player under the influence will not be allowed into the game, no refunds policy applies.

Age of wisdom

Age of wisdom

Players from 12 years old require an accompaniant when it will not be necessary from 15 years old. In regards of younger children , please contact us first.

Bunker Zombie
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Mafia District
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